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Expedition Quality.


For over 20 years we’ve carefully mixed business with pleasure with friends with weather – the cardinal sins of most business philosophies.

To date, our network has sold over 200 aircraft, trained over 300 students & introduced over 10,000 people to the world of powered hang gliders known globally as “Trikes”.

We’ve done so with a perfect safety record.

Our students & projects include:

  • National Geographic
  • IMAX
  • Amazon Prime
  • Sony Pictures
  • NASA
  • MIT
  • Travel Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of Justice
  • US Border Patrol
  • And many more…
Today, TrikeSchool is the only operation in North America offering an FAA Certified Manufacturer, FAA Examiner, Instructors, LSR-M Mechanic, Kit-Build Assistance & a Rotax Repair Center in one location.

Once accepted to our school, you are welcome to come here for 10 days of condensed one-on-one training, or we can come to you – anywhere in the world. (Apply Here)
TrikeSchool “actively” represent more Light Sport & Ultralight Trikes than anyone in the nation. We frequently travel to, and specialize in:
  • Air Creation (France)
  • Wild Sky (USA)
  • Aerotrike (South Africa)
  • Cosmos (Mexico)
  • Evolution Trikes (USA)
  • Northwing (USA)
  • DTA (France)
  • Airborne (Australia)

Consequently, TrikeSchool is “unbiased” to any particular brand. So, we offer our knowledge, instruction, equipment, and experience as both pilots as well as professional engineers in a process of “matching” you with the adventure & aircraft of your dreams.

We look forward to meeting you & sharing the absolute thrill of this lifestyle!

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Our Facility

Training & XC
Aerotrekking / Multi-Day Excursions & Advanced training
Advanced Terrain & Mountain Flying Instruction
Non-Flyers? We can organize activities for you too.


Our Goals & Objectives:


It is our intention to offer a truly experienced, yet unbiased education of the top brands of trikes & cultures that surround them. It’s our goal to come across as genuine, trustworthy & fun to work while balancing safety. It’s our objective to operate as a respected trike operation while developing the sport on a global level.

TrikeSchool will offer a balanced combination of equipment, education, support, and events to people who will appreciate it.

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Most trikes average a speed range of 40-60 mph. Some are slower with larger/high-lift wings for floats & training, but smaller performance wings can fly as fast as 120 mph!
Carrying oxygen, a warm coat, & free of controlled airspace, we’ve cruised at over 12,000 feet to clear mountain ranges, weather, enjoy the view, or cut the engine & glide home. Trikes have flown over 30,000 feet! But, we specialize in “Low & Slow.” We typically fly about 50’-300’ depending upon the safety of the terrain or whatever we happen to be looking at on the ground… You should always take precautions from spooking animals or simply annoying the public even if you’re being legal.
Most Trikes use around 3 gallons per hour yielding a range of approximately 200 miles. Power, wing, load & type of flying have various effects on that range. Shutting your engine off and using the thermals for gliding will increase range. Trikes have flown around the globe on several occasions with large fuel capacities and 4-stroke motors yielding a 500-600 mile range.

No license or registration is required for a Single-Seat Ultralight. Since September 4th, 2005, a Sport Pilot Certificate or Basic Flight Instructor Rating is required for legal operation of a Two-Seat Aircraft. TrikeSchool can endorse & certificate you for both. We will need to meet with you and discuss which would apply to your best intentions. We offer Ground School, Tuning Classes & Maintenance Courses along with Flight Training. We also offer seminars, events & certificates for Cross-County, Controlled Airport, Float-Trike, Ski-Trike & Advanced Terrain Navigation.