Training & instruction:

Most students are complete in 6 to 7 full days of good flying weather.

IMPORTANT: Don’t be discouraged by ‘training’ or ‘instruction’. We built our curriculum to be fun, meaningful & real. Sure, we have to jump through some hoops, but we’re not here to rack up hours on our way to becoming commercial airline pilots. We believe there’s more to being an instructor than watching the hour meter & cashing checks. We train you to fly the way we know you will. You can expect the training you receive, complimented by your common sense, to be very unique & valuable no matter how many hours you have or don’t have.

Note: Basic outlines of our curriculum for both Ultralight & Sport Pilot are below.
Disclaimer to General Aviation Pilots: Please give this sport & these aircraft the respect they have earned. You will save yourself a considerable amount of frustration, alienation & deaf ears by showing up with a humble, ready-to-learn attitude. Metaphorically speaking, no biker is interested in how many hours you have in a car. And, if you keep yakking about it, you’ll probably get beat up here too.Instruction