Training FAQ

Light Sport Trike

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COBRA PICS - Light Sport Trike
Types of Instruction - Ultralight

Ultralight (1-seat) (far/aim part 103)

  • Take Intro-Flight & come to your own conclusions.
  • Take Instruction from FAA Certified Instructor.
    • Just take instruction and purchase aircraft later.
    • Purchase aircraft for benefit of training in your own aircraft & discounted instructional rate.
  • Ground School. 3-5 hours.
    • Aircraft Setup & Breakdown, Preflight, & Maintenance.
    • Theory of weight-shift flight.
    • Ultralight Regulations & Exemptions.
    • Airport Patterns & General Aviation Protocol.
    • Meteorology as it pertains to Recreational Pilots.
    • Aviation Chart & Map Understanding. Airspace.
    • Written Examinations.
  • Expect 6-12 total hours of flight instruction as normal.
    • Preflight, Ground Handling, Taxi & Airport Protocol.
    • Entry level flying! Accent, Descent, Turns & Altitude Control.
    • Familiarization with flying maneuvers.
    • Stalls, slow flight, fast flight, & wing/thrust control.
    • Crosswind operations. Landing introduction.
    • Power on & off landings. Touch & Goes.
    • Cross Country and Navigational Flight.
    • Preparation for Solo. Practice.
  • Pass general tests, Solo & receive Pilot Status. Enjoy the lifestyle!

Sport pilot (2-seat) (far/aim part 61-j)

Basically, the requirements for a Sport Pilot license are 15 hours of instruction & 5 hours of supervised solo. Take a written test and a final check ride. A detailed description of the requirements can be found in the FAR/AIM.

Fixed wing

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Gyro Training

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