Our Locations

Washington/Idaho (July-September)

Situated conveniently near the border of Washington and Idaho, our airstrip offers a prime location for your aviation needs. To make an appointment, we encourage you to contact us via phone or text, and our team will be delighted to assist you.

Arizona (October-June)

Tikeschool boasts a statewide presence in Arizona, with strategically positioned locations in Glendale, Casa Grande, and Buckeye. As a result, we are well-equipped to provide you with introductory flights or training at a site that best suits your convenience.

Warning: this is our home. And we are always naked – so, “Appointments only” people! Just call or text me at 509.990.5060.
Locations - Cheney Training Facility

Our home


In case the weather sucks

We can organize activities for non-flyers too

Advanced terrain & mountain flying instruction available

Aerotrekking / multi-day excursions & advanced training

We take life extremely seriously around here

Cross-country training & xc endorsements

Guest quarters & pilot lounge

Training for newbies too

Students who ARE welcome:

Our best students always arrive with a unique personality, common sense, work ethic, and see the money they spend as an investment. Life long friendships with these individuals are created as well as team pilots for excursions. Each of the 127 students we’ve taught to fly have contributed to the building our facilities & curriculum.
Whether we’re on a cross-country excursion or just tuning equipment, our knowledge & efforts as a team are essential. No matter how many hours we’ve flown, we all have much to learn from each other so we highly recommend that you show up with this in mind. Friends & family are always welcome but are required to respect the premises.

Students who are NOT welcome:

This is the most unique & rewarding hobby in the world. Though it is worth every dime, and regardless of how you pitch it to your wife or banker, we all know it’s frivolous, expensive & unforgiving. Don’t put yourseft in a position to be frustrated with us because you weren’t realistic with the powers that be.
We have absolutely no time nor tolerance for those who are ignorant, impatient, unsafe, defacing of our sport, or simply affect our sanity. Don’t wheel & deal! Our prices are fair and are tailored to pay for what we offer you.
Every dollar you pay goes back into the system to benefit you. The only people who get good deals are the ones who don’t ask. Tight-wads, bitchers, lazy-asses and incompetent people will be better served by our competition.