The Testimonials

In today’s world, Testimonials can be baked & contrived. Ours are not. We share our moments with you and hope you will share your moments with us. To do so, you may click here & let er’ fly! Write Your Own Testimonial Here.

Had a great time. Thanks for showing a kansas boy a good time Blue Skies, Den – CFI & Guide 509.990.5060 Office Hrs: M-F 10am-4pm Airplane Hrs: 4am-10pm Appt Only You wrote:


Hey party people! Thanks D. Blue Skies, Den – CFI & Guide 509.990.5060 Office Hrs: M-F 10am-4pm Airplane Hrs: 4am-10pm Appt Only You wrote:

Queen Latifah

Thanks Den.


Wow, what a life story this guy has! From Europe to Ross Perot!

Ross Perot

Getting Dustin ready some back seat time & transition to floats. He’s flying very well & outfitted with a nice machine & headed to Panama to fly touristas. Good luck Dustin! Its been really fun working with you & seeing you come so far.

Twin Falls, Id

Thanks Denny! I gave ya the budget & you got me more than I asked for. Thanks again. ‘The Pirate’


Annual Inspection time. Line em’ up!


Thank you!! It was superb! Your dishes from the dinner are next to the sink. Don’t forget I owe you a visor clip! I really appreciate your wisdom and honesty. Talk to you soon. Nolan Blue Skies, Den – CFI & Guide 509.990.5060 Office Hrs: M-F 10am-4pm Airplane Hrs: 4am-10pm Appt Only You wrote:


After coming from negative temps, the flight suit was probably not necessary – but she does look cool!


As a Cessna driver, I didn’t know what fun flying was until I joined the Reeds on Labor Day 2003 for a flight over Lake Roosevelt in a trike. I signed up for lessons and now enjoy flying my own trike. The Backcountry gang is one very nice (and very fun) group of people to fly with.

Steve Hancock

Terrific experience – great orientation to the sport, can’t wait to get started & competent. Joe –

Eden Praire, MN

Awesome job! Had a blast! Thank you for being so flexible! Superb customer service! C & D

Christina & Daniel
Seattle, WA

I like trikes

Jim Welborn
Grangeville Idaho

Thanks for the great 2 days!

Jeremy Elson
Seattle, WA

By the way, your website is the most professional and best presented of all the ultralight sites I have perused and you should be proud of it.

Michael Lanier
Tuscumbia, MO

Great flight, informative & fun. Felt safe & exciting at the same time! Excellent way to be in the air.

Ray Best
Post Falls, ID

Awesome ride & great instruction!

Benny Walters
Spokane, WA

Wonderful! I think I’ve found a lifelong hobby.

Tony Smith
Rathdrum, ID

Had a great time for my first flight. Would like to fly longer and not have as much wind, but everthing was excelent.

Dan Hebert
Greenacres, WA

Even as a paramotor pilot, this was one of the best flights of my life. Perfect weather, perfect scenery & great instructor.

Frank Fantino
Kalispel, Montana

Very exhilerating… My favorite part was the gliding without the engine!

George Duey Jr
Spokane, WA

Great thrill & a lot of fun. Can’t wait til the next ride. Denny rocks!

Richard Patterson
Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for the incredible flying experience in Oregon. It was so kind and gracious of you to include me and I really loved it! It was like ‘floating’ – sort of… Please allow me to return the favor next time you’re in town. Thanks again for a memorable morning.

Lyn Darrington
The Gallatin Group – Boise, ID

Thanks so much for taking Tasha & I up for that amazing flight! I cannot believe how cool it was! Tasha is still talking about it! The dinner was delish, & it was great meeting you all. Thanks again.

Leslie Woodfill
Make-a-Wish Foundation

Thank you for taking us on an ultralight flight! We had so much fun learning about your amazing aircraft and seeing the world from high above the trees! It was the highlight of the retreat! You are very generous with your time and we thank you!

Julia & Rob
The Gallatin Group, Seattle, WA

I,m 84 years old and have flown with Denny Reed over my own property and that of many others, what a thrill to come up over the hills and see the wild life down below you, I never knew there was so much wildlife on my own property. I have a breathing problem, and the air is so clean up there . Have been up twice and ready to go again.

Everett Boleneus
Davenport, Washington

Well, I couldn’t sit here and not write something great having been on a flight with you. You have grabbed onto a fantastic idea and ran with it. Look where it got you. I am proud to call myself your cousin. If you are eve in the DFW area, I am sure people here would love the opportunity to soar with the birds, and I don’t know of any local flying clubs that feature ultralights. Let’s work something out!

Dan Boleneus
Fort Worth, TX

Awesome experience. What a buzz! Unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Daniel Fowler
Elwood, Australia

1st flight – Would recommend it. No problems; just sit back & enjoy. The sky awaits! Thanks very much.

Sam Evans
Spokane, WA

Each time it gets better. Thanks!

Jessica Hall
Elk, WA

Yeah, that was really fun.

Charlie Stalker

Denny, Thank you for working with Ty. He really has enjoyed learning from you.

Gwenda Hatcher
Harrington, WA

Thanks for your talk & the slide show. Looked like the folks at the engineer’s forum really enjoyed them.

Curt Archer
Spokane Engineers Forum

“It was heaven! …relaxing and enjoyable.” “I can understand why my husband is so excited to do this.”

Connie Beck
Mica, WA

The Davenport Booster Club thanks you for your generous contribution to this years Dinner & Auction. It was a huge success thanks to our fine friends like you. Again, Thank You.

Davenport Booster Club
Davenport, WA

I have enjoyed my training with Denny Reed. He has been a good friend to me as well as a great instructor. He makes flying fun, but he is very safety conscience as well.

Kenneth Reese-Chavez
Warrenton, OR

I knew the weather would be bad but I took Denny’s advice & took his first class that introduced me to the equipment & sport. I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m a commercial pilot and have also flown with another trike instructor in this area and there is no comparison. The Backcountry guys are straight forward & doing it right.

Jake Reynolds

Fantastic experience. Denny was great. The explanations were easy to follow and controlling the plane was very easy.

Dale Norton
Priest River, ID

It’s a different world of flying…

Joh Howell
Seattle, WA

Put it is words? Are you kidding!? This is the greatest thing we have ever experienced together. You are all very kind people. Hey will those heated suits work for skiing???? Thanks guys, one of the best ways to spend a day I in Spokane that I can think of…

David Parker
Las Vegas, NV

Denny, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to go for a flight this weekend. I’ve wanted to go up for a while, if I had only known ….. How do I put that into words? I wish people could feel what I feel when I tell them about my adventure… amazing, tranquil, addicting are some words that come to mind but still don’t do the trick. Rather than listening to me, I would tell everyone to go and find out for themselves! My confidence in your ability and your explanations prior to and during the flight squashed any chance of nerves interfering. Not a care in the world, I was flying! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No…it was Stacey! I’m ready for more. Love the property too, beautiful perch.

Stacey Schock
Kirkland, WA

Well folks…I can say that I have known Mr. Reed for some time now. There is not a person I would rather go up in the air with…or underground or…anyway. I appreciate the awesome flights that you took my wife and I on. I cannot think of a better experience that we’ve had over the last year. I encourage any of you that have not tried this awesome rush yet, consider doing so soon. Whether you want a quiet flight, a look at the wildlife, or just to mess around, it is an incredible ride. My wife still talks about it. And if you’re worried about safety…Denny Reed is the guy to take you up (and back down on all three wheels.) Hats off to you Denny and please keep doing your thing.

Bend OR

As a newbie searching for the best equipment available & simply forced to trust someone to help me navigate this sport, I’m extremely thankful I ended up working with Denny. I was prepared to spend the capital necessary to have the best equipment & instruction on my terms & schedule. Everything about Denny was ‘expedition quality’ (as he said it would be). Denny’s prices were honestly higher than other operations but since being in the sport now for 7 months, I have learned to why… I completely appreciate his services and experience as absolutely priceless. He has answered his phone 24/7 for me. I did my research on other operations & aicraft for over a year while Denny told me outright that I’d get exactly what I paid for in this sport. I got the best. See you all in the sky!!!

Las Vegas, NV

Well, I couldn’t sit here and not write something great having been on a flight with you. You have grabbed onto a fantastic idea and ran with it. Look where it got you. I am proud to call myself your cousin. If you are eve in the DFW area, I am sure people here would love the opportunity to soar with the birds, and I don’t know of any local flying clubs that feature ultralights. Let’s work something out!

Dan Boleneus
Fort Worth, TX

I just recently spent a few days visiting and finishing up my trike training at Backcountry Aerosports. Denny is an outstanding instructor/ host and has a top notch facility/ operation. He is very professional and serious about flying, but makes it totally fun and painless. He even helped me do some repairs on my trike. And the scenery is spectacular! If anyone is looking for for a great place to train or just a fun place to hang out and fly, I HIGHLY recommend Denny and Backcountry Aerosports!

Nathan White
Polson, Montana

HeY I am amazed a view from above of the Eastern Washington scab lands. As a geology hobbyist, and knowing of Bretz’s survey in the 20’s, it is AWESOME in the holiest sense of the word. To see first hand the remains of a washout from the great flood.

Quinn Griffith

Flying with Denny was the highlight of my trip to Spokane! It was like taking a trip on the back of a fast motorcycle, but we were up in the air! It was such a rush, hard to describe but it made me want to do it again. Denny is so lucky to be able to fly like a bird on that wonderful machine!

Max Hartshorne, Editor
South Deerfield, MA

Hi Denny–Loved the fun experience with you in the sky–though it was not the mile high #@ub…anyway, I am from Denver so I can say that since I live in the mile high city 🙂…ah-hem… ok, I will see if I can get a story out of an editor and will let you know… Elise


Wow. I have a serious dilemma. What we did today was the experience I think I’ve always been looking for but just ended up following the path to my Mooney. Through compromise, I simply must have both. One plane in my hangar has always looked a little boring. Thanks Denny & congrats on the other ‘project’.


Thanks Denny for all of your help! I ordered some parts from Denny and had him ship them to me in Mexico. They got stuck in customs and needed all sorts of extra paperwork to release them to me. Denny went the extra miles and faxed off all of the different papers they wanted. The parts arrived at my house here in Mexico. Highly Recommended!!!

Chris Carpenter

Thanks so much… Denny put me in Northwing Maverick at 3k less than the original asking price, provided me with a plethora of information, as well quality flying experience at Lake Plesant Airport. He also gave me the connections for pilots in my own community (Las Vegas). Denny Reed has helped me to create a new passion ( obsession) in my life. Forever grateful…

Harold Wickham

Den, What a journey this has been. I thank you and your ‘crew’ for making this an experience of a lifetime. Coming from a professional detail oriented background, I appreciate your attention to detail and calm voice despite my attempts to make a ‘lawn dart’ out of your airplane. Looking forward to the next phase of the process to be able to share the experience with others. Animo et Fide Rosie

Roger Hansberry

Happy New Year! I know it’s a little late… Just a note of “Thanks” for the opportunity to reach some new personal heights. While going through my annual pictures and things I’ve done. learning to fly was a great event. Having gone through 2 years of rehab, I discovered that I need to do some fun & exciting things. your time and patience, I must say, is deeply appreciated. I’ve been working hard in the physical therapy and getting good strength and range in my arms. I hope all is well with you. Thanks again, and I hope to see you this spring.

Ric Villalobos
Inland Northwest Wildlife Council

Hi Denny! I just wanted to thank you for the awesome flight yesterday. I told my class that I went flying this weekend, I told them it was like I was Harry Potter flying on a broomstick. They were very impressed, and I showed them pictures of your planes on your web site. I appreciate you letting my dogs roam your property too. A wonderful evening and I hope we can fly and play more in the future! 🙂Some people play on mountains, some play in water, but if you really want to play with the BIG DOGS you need to come play in the air. Watch out geese there is a new king of the sky! THANKS DENNY! A magical evening thanks to you.

Mary O
Spokane, WA

What a thrill! I find it amazing to think I went from having no flying experience and a healthy dose of fear to demonstrating I can pre-flight, communicate, taxi, take off, fly a reasonable pattern, and land (or very close to – one more lesson and I would have done it) a trike after 6 lessons. It is a credit to each of your respective skill and experience as both pilot and instructor. I found it especially valuable getting instruction from each of you in turn, using two different aircraft. You both offer unique insight and approaches that enriched the experience. Each aircraft provided a perspective to help guide selection in my own. Five days ago, I had no idea what questions to even ask. Now I have a laundry list of features and gear. It was a challenge but I loved every minute of it. Adventure fulfilled! Thanks again, Chuck

Houston, TX

This was an awesome experience. Joe is an excellent Instructor. He knows his subject thoroughly and has an excellent teaching manner. He’s patient and takes the time necessary to ensure comprehension and understanding. I’m looking forward to continuing my flight training with Joe. Thanks for everything.

Andy B

I just can’t get enough of it!!! I have been up a few times with Denny. It is just awesome. It is a great activity if you have friends or family visiting. I have brought friends up and they are hooked! I have taken my wife with me, and she wants a trike of her own. Denny’s knowledge and detail to safety is astounding. YOU JUST HAVE TO GIVE IT A TRY.

Jay Tortorelli
Spokane, WA

I am a lucky guy for many reasons, but here are two: 1) I am retired, and 2), I just happen to live within 30 miles of Kemmeries Aviation! I downloaded the “All About Trikes” video yesterday and can verify that the app is wonderful. The included videos very cool, but also concise, informational and instructional. The app truly meets and exceeds its goal of providing a comprehensive insight to the world of sport flying. I can’t wait to be a part of this culture!

Harry Nelson

Hi Denny – well so far the trike is working out great for as old as it is, I have no complaints. I can say that I like the ixess15 wing a lot better than the kiss13′ but don’t get me wrong I think that anything that AC makes is good. I hope one to have a Tanarg lol. I would like to come out on vac next spring and do some flying with you guys, I would love to fly the desert.


Bought a Trike from Den and am very happy. He was honest and stayed true to his word delivering the trike as promised. All paperwork was complete and flawless. If I were to by a trike again, Den would be the first person I would contact. If you are going to buy a trike please put him on the top of your list.

David McAlister
Litchfield Park, AZ