This ultralight (no Sport Pilot Cert required) has been under my supervision for the last 3 years. Always landed on asphalt or grass. The owner is a meticulous fireman & has taken very good care of his little “Firefly”. He’s asking $10,000 with the BRS emergency parachute.

My guess is that the chute is expired. However, BRS charges about $800 for a re-pack. This could probably be a bargaining chip in negotiating the sale price… The trike has an adequate fairing, but it is the old fairing that Northwing used to make. I designed the Legend fairing, dash & windshield for Northwing a few years ago so if you would prefer the newer/wider fairing let me know & I’ll see if I can get one for you at at some level of discount.
My advice is to buy one with with while gel goat and put your own urethane (flexible) paint on it because I’ve seen the colored gel goats crack & lose luster over time. The engine is a Rotax 447 that runs very smooth. The prop is a 3-blade Ivo. The 2-blade is more efficient on the 447 but increases the diameter of the arc which puts it too close to the ground in my opinion – so I’m happy to see this one has the 3-blade.
The owner has flown cross country with all of us several times & the plane does well. A trailer is available but I don’t believe he is willing to include it in the price. Again, it might be a bargaining chip. There are 132 hours on the trike.
Price: $10,000 OBO