Fully Instructional Commercial Trike.
Northwing has a lengthy sales pitch about all the aspects of the ST / Navajo including the adjustable engine mounts, steal backframe & dual mast… Frankly, it comes down to this; the ST is a tough trike/wing combination, ready to fly, for a price that can’t be beat. Northwing has been busy this year, so expect 8-10 weeks for delivery on a new one. We have a unique relationship with Northwing. My other company has done a considerable amount of Computer Aided Design & Development for Northwing’s new line of trikes
We actually designed the new Apache Sport Fairing & Maverick Fairing; as well as created the long-overdue assembly manuals & part callout diagrams that you will refer to on their website. We know these aircraft very well & look forward to offering a higher level of service to you as a result of our involvement in Northwing’s engineering process. This particular trike is one of our trainers.
We sell them at the end of every season. We have over $23,000 into it including the new bright red Sport Fairing that is not installed in the picture. We just put it on skis for winter flying and of course, the new look draws no complaints… We have upgrade it to full tundra tires & dual rear hydraulic brakes too. It has a fresh Rotax 503DCDI with electric start and has only been run with synthetic oil.
All maintenance logs are included. There are only 100 hours on this machine. It starts instantly and runs perfectly in all seasons. It has both intake & exhaust silencers. Smaller sand tires are also available. Gas-Strut Assisted Lift. Large 12.5 Gallon Rotomolded Fuel Tank. Excursion Bags. Hand Throttle & Hand Choke. All adjustable instructional steering for both fork & wing, instructor foot-throttle too. & VHF, GPS, and complete analog guages. Hot-Box Accessory Dock. Strobe light. C-box Redrive (3.47:1.0) We use the same props as AirCreation, the Arplast Helice 3-Blade.
(That’s a $1200 investment itself.) We have wing options for you if your not happy with the 15.0 M-Pulse Topless/Strutted (Black/Black/White) that is on it. We have 10 other trikes in stock with different wings that you can test fly if you’re interested in another direction. You won’t find these services or selection anywhere else in the country. It’s a nice trike and we’d be happy to offer continuing support on it if you ever need it. No reason for selling other than we sell our trainers at the end of every year. Airport pick up available if you want to come check everything out.
Price: $17,500