This a great trike and the price speaks for itself – obviously someone is going to get a great deal. Northwing is a solid utilitarian trike builder, but the owner has just ordered a new Air Creation Tanarg.
This is one of only 3 Northwing Apaches in the world with a Rotax 912S 4-stroke engine with 100hp. This would make a great float trike and I have a set of Full Lotus floats if you’re interested. If you look on the FAA website, the N# will call this a Cosmos Phase 3.
It was at one point, but the owner decided he would rather have a Northwing Apache airframe and fairing, hence the ‘extensive modification’.
The seller felt that the price reflects some consideration for the paperwork shuffling and the potential buyer’s confidence in the modification. I simply think it’s a hell of a lot of trike for $33.5k… I’ve sold 6 of the 9 Apache 912’s that Northwing has built and this one looks just as good as the others, if not better is some aspects. Most of the work & wiring was professionally done by an A&P & is documented in the maintenance logs.
Very comfortable trike, easy to fly, transport & easy to modify if you so desire. Northwing builds a strong & simple-to-maintain trike – there’s nothing here you don’t need and everything else is solid & easy to access. It has a Junkers (pronounced yunkers) Ballistic Parachute and I believe it’s made in Germany. The chute is expired and I have no relationship with the factory for repacking.
You might be able to contact them yourself. The trike is fully instructional with D-Bars on the wing (Northwing 17.5m Mustang Strutted/Topless) and Instructor Foot Steering with Instructor Foot Throttle – so you could do your instruction in this aircraft. It has an assisted lift system for the wing which is cool & works better than the new style in my opinion.
The windshield is a high-rise design that also works better than what Northwing is currently using. Dual hydraulic rear brakes. Wheel pants are available for $300 per pair. Landing lights are already on the plane and so is a strobe light. Full analog instrumentation for the 912 series including Fuel Gauge! There is also a heavy-duty padded cover that was custom made by Northwing. It is designed to fit while the wing is still attached to the trike as well as if it’s not attached at all, so an enclosed trailer is not necessary. There are about 200 hours on this trike and it appears clean.
I’d sell my Full Lotus floats with this trike for an additional $3000. I also have a submerssible flat-bed trailer for a float trike with wing-tip supports as well for $2700. Aircraft is located in Phoenix, AZ. Delivery is available for fair cost of transport. Serious inquiries only please. Call Denny. 509.990.5060.
Price: $33,500.00