This is an older LaMouette Top 12.9 but seems to be in pretty good shape – otherwise we would have already recycled it. I’ve flown a Top 12.9 on a Cosmos Bison with a Rotax 503 with a single carburetor. So, I know it’s one of the few fast wings that can work with low-horsepower trikes.

I’ve seen these wings on other trikes with Rotax 582 engines with large payloads – but I’ve never flown the configuration myself and max gross. I can put you in contact with people that have. I took the wing on trade because it has been hangared, in good condition, and I knew the previous owner.
I can crate/ship ($300) it to you or haul ($150) it back to AZ on my next trip. It’s just one of those wings that doubles your range & doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. At my standard instructional costs, I am happy to give a lesson on setup, tuning & checkride for this wing.
Price: $2,750.00