DTA is the only trike in the world that does not require a front limiter tube so no encumbrances to the view. This DTA is about 5 years old but only has 243 hours total time. It has been professionally maintained. It has almost every option we can think of including heated seats. With an 18+ gallon fuel capacity the range is over 400 miles.
The aircraft is under its second owner who has put the last 190 hours on the plane and is willing to discuss performance & history with the potential buyer at some point. The instrumentation package is a nice combination of digital (MGL Avionics Engine Information System) and analog flight instruments. It has a fuel gauge as well. In-dash VHF Radio and Transponder etc. The engine is a very clean & smooth running Rotax 912UL (80hp) with the oil thermostat installed to decrease warm-up time. The plane has an integrated ballistic parachute that is only 3 years old. The plane was originally sold brand new from the importer to a gentleman in California with a unique financial situation who tipped it over on a landing with his instructor. Although the damage was minimal, he hired me to come to California & replace the airframe & wing.
I still have the original airframe if you would like to inspect. Most damage was to the composite body which you can see has been repaired & professionally repainted. The bullet holes are not real… The current owner has installed a fuel filter/dryer, back-up electric fuel pump and electric fan on the radiator for long climbs to altitude while flying in the mountains. You can see him and this plane flying by searching YouTube for “ttabbs”. Enjoy. The plane has adjustable brakes on all 3 wheels & easy-to-access tie downs.
This plane shows a Bionix wing in the photo but the plane comes with an Airborne Cruze wing (Red/Gray/Black) with a trim kit. The Cruze has about 22 hours on it. This plane has complete maint logs & documentation. The plane is flown & cared for weekly and has been under my supervision for the last 3 years. I have flown it over 9 hours & love it. I personally think the Cruze flies better on the DTA than on the Airborne trikes is was designed for. The greatest design feature of the DTA is obviously its lack of need for a front limiter tube. It flies without yaw & is very, very comfortable. The windshield is heat formed acrylic, not cheap lexan polycarbonate. Acrylic can be polished if you scratch it – lexan can not. There are plenty of storage bags & places to mount accessories – even an AR15… Don’t ask if you don’t know what it is. In summary, this is a very nice, professionally maintained aircraft that was $78,900 new.
The tip over & rebuild are the factors that must drop this plane to the $44,000 price but I think you’ll realize through comparison to other 912 trikes that this one is a really nice machine for the money – and it will last you a lifetime. Please call Denny at 509.990.5060 for details. Aircraft can be shipped or delivered worldwide but its convenient between WA & AZ.
Price: $44,000.00 OBO