This trike would make a great float trike and we have a set of Cosmos composite high performance floats as well as some Full Lotus inflatables available if you’re interested. The trike has a full front fairing & digital instrumentation package along with the dash mount comtronics module and full communications for two including VHF & Audio input.
The BRS-900 is a couple years old. The Rotax 618 is great motor as long as you understand how to tune the exhaust ports (we will teach you). It is one of the quietest on the market; and complimented by the 5-blade powerfin f-series propeller.
It has a special muffler and an intake silencer as well to keep it quiet. The are actually 3 wings available for this trike: A dual surface lamouette chronos 16m in green/yellow, a lamouette zoom 19m in blue/white, and a northwing 15.0m mustang/mpulse strutted wing. There are 200hrs total time on the aircraft but the owner contracted a Bombardier mechanic to rebuild the engine after experiencing lack of power all last summer.
Back to the exhaust issue… It has been completely zero-timed and has only two hours on the overhaul and runs like new. The black coating on the motor serves as an anticorrosion treatment from the factory. While they had it apart, they replaced the mast and the keel of the trike with .25″ walled tubing instead of the thin walled tubing from Cosmos that we all keep bending. There are extra parts that will be included in this deal if you want them. The trike has dual foot steering as well. Strobe lights. Wheel Pants available and side-mounting excursion bags. If you are going to land off-field, we recommend upgrading to the aluminum fuel tank for an extra $180.
Price: Was: $19,500 Now: $16,000 (TRADED)