History on this machine. As of 6-15-04, the Rotax 582dcdi has been completely overhauled & ‘zero-timed’. This trike is a great opportunity for the Used Trike shopper.
It has served our flight school well for a long time and still flies great. Although the airframe & wing are fine with the exeption of some touchup paint & seatcovers, it is a high performance machine. The XP15 wing is considered to be the 2nd best turbulence-handling wing on the market. I can personally vouch for it’s performance. The trike is completely loaded with options including the red 4-blade Arplast Helice prop. Unique, it has a 3.47:1.0 reduction drive which requires less RPM on take off & great fuel efficiency with minimal noise for crosscountry flights. This trike is also prewired for Alphatec full-face helmets with integrated communications.
All parts & accessories are available here in the United States. This trike is easily over $34,000 new with the european currency outweighing ours by 22%. This plane, with some time & TLC, should last you a lifetime.
Price: $18,500