This has been my personal trike for about 3 years. It’s in pristine condition. I have sold aircraft based on how clean I keep my equipment, tools and my hangar – OCD for sure… Look at the pictures & try to guess how many hours are on the machine – I will extend a discount if you can guess within 10 hours of the total time. : ) I have used the trike for instruction in the past, but I have done very few instructional touch & goes with this trike as most students have acquired their own aircraft by the time we get to that stage.
The engine is a 582DCDI blue head (as all 582’s are now) with both electric start and pull start. Oh, I actually have a 912 conversion kit ($2400) that I’ll include with this trike.
For the record, I have owned 13 trikes (3 of them w/ 912’s) and sold another dozen or so trikes with 912’s – I have never felt inadequately powered and have always enjoyed being ‘quieter’ than the 912 guys. I have both intake & exhaust silencers on the plane, but the 4.0:1 reduction gears & the 4-blade prop are the winning combination for minimal noise.
Speaking of which, all 4 prop blades (4-blade Arplast Helice) are all original and the gas-charged rear shocks are the originals which are still within 1/32″ of each other. The wing is a perfectly tuned Ixess with Vmax trim system. 48mph seems to be the slow end and about 83mph seems to be the high end. Most Ixess wings are tuned faster but I don’t really like to go that fast. Let me know what you prefer. There is no BRS with the trike but one can be installed rather easily at a discounted price to you if you want one. I’ve actually seen a couple on-line for less than I can buy them for… This is obviously a fully instructional trike with titanium componentry.
Both manual & electrical operation systems are present in the back seat – which is the largest & most comfortable back seat in the industry. The trike burns about 3.5 gallons per hour when I fly alone. It burns 6.5 gallons per hour with two people & flying aggressively. But, the 18-gallon fuel tank means your bladder will need attention before the fuel level does. If you’re a cross country’er then you should know 7 more gallons of fuel can fit inside the aircraft along with your gear.
Full analog instrumentation – because digital instruments are not quite ‘there’ in my opinion… VHF radio (Icom A-5) with remote located antenna. All electrical systems were professionally installed at the factory – no electrical tape on this plane… I have been to the factory in France 3 times and can offer direct service or parts if you ever need them – and I return my phone calls! The trike is currently stored here with me in AZ – I can deliver the aircraft at no charge if I’m making another trip between AZ & WA. Call & let’s talk. Nice plane. Happy to do instruction with you at your location.
Price: $29,500.00 OBO