The perfect trike/wing combination for the recreational flyer. Fully registered w/ N# (N227EH). All maintenance logs are complete & detailed. Nice trike. Click on the picture for complete details & more photos. I put most of the hours on this aircraft myself.
I know every inch (every centimeter since it’s metric, I guess…) of it & have taken care of it. I orignally sold it to a couple who moved to Hawaii with ambitions to start an operation in the islands & use this machine as a rental or trainer.
The dream never materialized, and the aircraft was not flown at all. I purchased the aircraft back a year ago & had it shipped back to our facility. I then sold it again to a gentleman out in Kansas who on put about 40 hours on it then upgraded to a brand new trike with a 912. I took this plane back in on consignment.
Yes, it’s always been stored in a hangar. The owner has given my permission to negotiate the price on his behalf so let’s do it.. It has a brand new 15.0m Northwing MPulse with about 40 hours.
This wing can be folded & left on the trike for storage or transport. It is very light & doesn’t require much strength to move it around. The trike has about 170 hours total time but is obviously very clean & well maintained. It is a Rotax 503DCDI with electric start, intake silencer & exhaust silencer. It also has a BRS-900 that is not shown in the pictures – and I can lower the price if you don’t want the BRS… It has a full instructional kit on it including a rear foot throttle so you can finish your training IN the machine.
I don’t teach in just anyone’s aircraft – but I know this one & wouldn’t hesitate. It has an Icom A5 VHF radio and an externally mounted antenna for clear transmission & reception by getting it away from the instrumentation.
Communications do not come with the trike because head sizes & preferences in quality change with each pilot but I can help consult on which ones you should buy – and I might have some used ones available depending on the season. It has the GTE Sport Pod with a windshield. The full instrumentation package is perfectly installed. All gauges match and are all surface mounted for style. It has both a 3.125″ Analog tachometer that is easy to see, and a digital tach for accuracy – since Westberg Analog Gauges only guarantees their accuracy to 10%…
The soft goods (seats etc) are the new & larger style, not faded, and are in perfect condition other than a few cat paw prints that you can see in the pictures. We have the ability to outfit this trike with tundra tires & rear hydraulic brakes for $2200 (quoted high).
AirCreation makes a full fairing as well but most people like this style because of easy entry & exit while still keeping the wind out of your face. You also have the ability to easily swap the 503DCDI for a larger motor in the future.
This trike has been babied. A discount would be available if the new owner would be willing to bring the trike to a couple of our events as a static display. This is a complete package and will make someone a very happy owner for years to come. We will offer service after the sale on this machine. We can offer crating & shipping anywhere for market prices. You are welcome to handle the logistics if you wish. Call Denny with questions: 509.990.5060
Price: $17,000