Everyone, just a heads-up on a good plane Air Creation Clipper 503. There are about 100 hours on this plane, as it is a year old.

I know the owner and he has never broken this wing down, nor traveled with it. It has always been in a hangar. He is selling this plane for personal reasons he couldn’t comment on.
 This is one of those deals where it could always be sold for more than you are paying.
My personal interest and motivation in this purchase is the XP15 wing, but he won’t sell just the wing without the trike. So, I am offering this plane with my Northwing Topless 15 and no BRS nor compartment at $14,000.00. If you want the BRS & compartment, it’s $16,000. If you want the complete package with the XP15, it’s $18,500. I will take care of the shipping since I want the wing. If you want the trike with the XP15, I will charge another $500 for shipping. Guys, as usual, these terms can change at any time, but I think this is pretty close and a very good deal right now. These figures are given as a quote, but are legitimate. Call me if you are interested or have a client that might be. Denny 509-721-0989.
Aircraft & Options:
Trike AirCreation Clipper 503cc15,931.00
Sport Fairing $5500.00
Electric Start: Installed $1000-$1400 Pending Instl.0.00
Hobbs-installed $8076.95
CHT-Installed $260260.00
EGT-Installed $350350.00
Dual Foot Steering w/ Instr. Throttle-Installed $3650.00
Cross Country Gear Bags $330330.75
Altimeter-installed $325324.00
Finned Wheel Pants $5500.00
Arplast Helice Red 3-Blade Prop1,200.00
Total Aircraft, Options & Shipping:18,750.70

Wing & Options:
Northwing Topless Strutted 15m $45754,575.00
Airfoiled Strut Upgrage $1600.00
Dual Wing Steering-Installed $1600.00
Modified Hanging Point for AirCreation $150150.00
Total Wing, Options & Shipping:4,725.00

GPS Garmin 3+ PILOT $4990.00
GPS Handheld with mount. Used. $200200.00
Lynx Comms, Audio, VHF Interface, etc. $1550.000.00
VHF Icom A5 wired into trike $3750.00
VHF Uused. Wired to trike. $300300.00
RAM mount for VHF $500.00
Remote Antenna VHF $50 Installed0.00
Kunzleman Smart Strobe $250 Installed0.00
Flight Suit $2790.00
Ballistic Parachute $26002,500.00
Total Options:3,000.00

General Assembly, Adustments & Tuning0.00
Total Services:0.00
Storage, Rent & Misc Costs:
Hangar & Tie Down 0.00
Total Services: 0.00

Total Aircraft, Options & Services: 26,475.70
Discounts 0.00
Subtotal 26,475.70
Sales Tax: 0.00
Subtotal 26,475.70
Intl Freight, Crating & Customs Fees 1,755.00
Grand Total Sale & Services: 28,230.70
Price: $14,000.00