Spokane, Washington
READ THIS: (NO SHIPPING or MAIL REC’D HERE) We operated out of Felts Field for over 2 years, but now, I typically just meet my clients at my home & private airstrip in Cheney, WA. That being said, I’m happy to meet clients at ANY airport that is convenient to you. But, please be advised there is a cost to ferry the aircraft between training locations.
Locations typically include: Felts Field, Spangle, Coeur d’Alene, Deer Park & Davenport. Landing at your rural property is ok as long as we inspect the location first.
Controlled Airspace Training: We use Spokane International (C-Airspace) and Felts Field (D-Airspace) for Controlled Airspace Training. Some Intro Flights are done at the high-traffic airports but not too often. From a training standpoint, I find that the air traffic & congestion creates unecessary stress for ALL student pilots, not just the newbies…
Spokane Training Location
Please contact Denny or Mik at 509.990.5060 for appointments or further instructions.