N227EK – Airborne XT-912 w/ Cruze Wing. Brand New. Fully Loaded with Instructional Kit, Dual Rear Hydraulic Rrakes and a bunch of ther stuff. Professionally assembled. Ready to deliver, ship or teach you to fly in it. BRS bracket is installed but there is no BRS – although I have 3 of them on the shelf; one is new & the others are used. I have a set of floats available for this machine too So, if you horsed around all winter and are now finding out that it’s an 8-10 week wait to get an Airborne-anything from Down-Unda. this is the machine for you.

This Airborne XT-912 w is $47,588 including shipping if you ordered it right now (before the 4% price increase coming any day) I can’t take a bath on this machine, but I can work with the price if you’re easy to work with on the transaction. However, if you’re a complete pain in the ass, the price is $150,000 firm.

Price: Pending Equipment but Ready to Move.