The Air Creation Tanarg is an extremely well finished ‘airplane’. I say ‘airplane’ because I have seen very few conventional aircraft built with the same meticulous finish & robust construction that I see on this trike.
Therefore, it has every right to compete with the big boys of design, craftsmanship & performance. I have tested on my Tanarg now for 3 years in the Pacific Northwest in both recreation and instruction.
I am very proud of its performance and very comfortable with the price necessary to own an aircraft like this. From a commercial operator perspective, I would have been forced to invest a similar amount of capital on 2 other machines to equal the longevity & strength of this one.
With so many elements in aviation that are out of our control; the quality of equipment we fly is one of the few that we can. Air Creation has take taken a completely different approach to the airframe design & ergonomics compared to the ‘mast/keel’ design of all the other trikes. It is a precision-welded cage with more strength & room than any other trike, period. After travelling to the factory in France myself, I can assure you that no processes or materials have been compromised. Through collaboration with BMW in both design & manufacturing for this trike, Air Creation has created a new world of luxury trikes & aerotrekking. The machines are complexed to build and production IS limited to about 200 machines annually.
Only 25 are slated for delivery to the US. They have a rather long manufacturing lead time of 12 – 15 weeks. I was quoted more time than this myself, but they delivered early. Again, the Tanarg is the newest innovation, highest quality, & most award-winning trike/wing combination in history. Obviosly, they’re expensive, hard to get, and not for everyone but if you’re seriously considering the reality of a high-end touring motorcycle in the sky, this is where you’ll end up. The trike comes standard with everything except the BRS.
Analog or Digital instrumentation is your choice. There is no extra charge. There is a long list of standard equipment but the one I like the most is the sensor system that tells you if the aircraft is assembled properly. Nice plane. Worth every dime and we’re the only operation using an aircraft this nice for instruction in the Pacific Northwest. Please feel free to call & schedule a lesson in the front seat of this machine. It’s absolutely amazing. Our phone number is 509.990.5060.
Price: Starting at $38,000.